We know you need money now.

That's why you're here. We also know you might be deep in debt and its killing your ability to live worry free.

We know you need money now. That's why you're here. We also know you might be deep in debt and its killing your ability to live worry free.We are exactly what our name says: Coupon and Savings Club. A club that gets its members out of debt and on the right track to worry-free living fast.

Do you use payday loans to help you get by? You know what it means to pay someone else $60 or $90 every two weeks to cover your old payday loans, over and over again.

These loans are made by the worst kind of predatory lenders. Even a small $200 traditional payday loan, with 4 rollovers, will cost you $300 in fees in only 10 weeks. A struggling person these days may need 5 or 6 loans in a year. That's $1500 or more in fees!

Do NOT do this anymore! Now is the time to take control and STOP this madness. As a qualified member of our club, we will show you the latest legal techniques to back off those lenders while slashing OR EVEN ELIMINATING the interest rates that they charge you. And that is just the start of everything we have to offer. Have you ever used coupons? Now, before you roll your eyes, understand that the AVERAGE coupon user saves OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR doing it. We will show you how and where to get all the best and most valuable coupons. Finally, we have all manner of financial calculators to help your situation, newsletters discussing everything from how to buy a car to how to choose a checking account, and links to many financial articles and RSS feeds. All for a small monthly club fee that is less than the price of a cup of coffee!

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